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SkyBound BRC 2018


SkyBound Banner
SkyBound Banner

Two concentric circles of silk banners surround six comfortable benches and a central, kinetic metal sculpture. Dyed in shades from the lightest blue of a summer morning to the inky violet of the horizon at sunset, the banner designs are made using Shibori bound-resist methods. Animated by the wind, the banners create an immersive landscape and soundscape.

Seen from across the Playa, this moving mass of silk will blend with the sky before resolving into its separate elements. Participants may be drawn by the sound of fabrics snapping in a strong wind before it emerges from the dust like a mirage. Designs of circles, squares and triangles overlap and reference ancient geometry. Benches provide respite and a chance to meet and share stories. The mirror-like surface of the sculpture reflects and echoes these patterns and movement.

Sky Bound brings both a physical and spiritual resting spot. Bound to the ground and bound for the sky, we feel the opposing pulls of Earth and Spirit on our journeys around the Sun.

Dusty Nation is a Seattle-based collective of Makers. Our off-playa experience is diverse: contractor, artist, filmmaker, writer, industrial designer, electrical and computer engineers, project managers, EMT/firefighter, lawyer. We are Burning Man veterans with nearly 40 years of combined on-playa experience, working on such projects as Playastan Crossroads, Genie Bottle, Blunderwood Typewriter, and Cirque du Flambe. We love to create, bring ideas to completion, and have a lot of fun.

Dusty Nationals:


Cameron Mason

Cameron Anne Mason, lead artist is a sculptor and installation artist working with fiber-based media. Her installations have been seen at Burning Man, Bellevue Arts Museum, Sound Transit, MadArt, COCA, Heaven and Earth at Carkeek park, Bellevue Storefronts and the Bellewether Sculpture Biennial. Her fine artwork is represented by Foster/White Gallery, Seattle. Cameron’s work has been seen nationally and internationally in both fine art and craft shows.


Peter Weston

Peter Weston

Peter Weston, build lead, is a public, multi-media artist working in the built environment.  He uses wood, steel, acrylic, paper and more to create bigger than life art and ideas for people’s entertainment and edification.  Peter has created interactive ensembles for celebration and activism for Burning Man, the Fremont Solstice Parade, 350 Seattle and the Backbone Campaign.


Charlee McClellan

As one of the lead builders for Dusty Nation, Charlee McClellan continues to spend time doing what he loves.  Building has been a preoccupation and an occupation for most of his life.  Charlee was born in the year of the monkey, which may explain his passion for tree climbing and treehouse building, both of which began at the age of seven in the back yard of his Boston childhood home.  Since the 1980’s, Charlee has been a General Contractor in Seattle.  In 2008, he began building treehouses once again, but this time for Seattle-based, Nelson Treehouse and Supply, and Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters.  Having built structures around the world, in places such as, Japan, Antarctica and Greenland, he hopes to return to build on the Playa this year, where he assisted in the construction of Playastan Crossroads in 2014.


Daniel Thornton

Daniel Thornton, lighting is an Emmy Award® nominated filmmaker and digital media artist based in the Pacific Northwest. Dan is also a college professor in film and new media. In 2014 he was on the build team for Gwen Fisher’s playa–based Genie Bottle installation. He documented the Genie Bottle build and burn in a series of fascinating timelapse documents found here. Dan will be helping the design and build teams and designing the lighting of Skybound.