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“All Stages” teaser cut now available

“All Stages” teaser cut now available

In late 2015, legendary music promoter Chris Porter took me out for drinks to pitch an idea he had been tossing around in his head for awhile. Newly freed from 18 years as programmer and talent buyer for the landmark Seattle Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival, Chris was looking to expand his horizons into television and new media. After tossing around some ideas (and tossing down a few drinks), he and I came up with a blueprint for a travel series that would bridge what Anthony Bourdain (RIP, Sighhhhhh) had pioneered with food travel in his innovative and entertaining  “No Reservations, “The Layover” and “Parts Unknown” with the live music festival world Chris was so familiar with.

Now three years later, we have our teaser for the pilot of “All Stages with Chris Porter.”

“All Stages” is a travelogue with interesting and off beat twists and turns.  “All Stages” takes viewers on a journey into the hearts of some of the most interesting music and arts festivals found all over the world. The “All Stages” team isn’t just interested in the big iconic music festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury. The team takes pride in finding the most interesting and unique destinations for music, food, art and culture. Each episode covers a geographic region or genre of festival. For the pilot we traveled around the United States’ Pacific Northwest region to find truly unique experiences for music, food and art lovers. In this episode we feature, Upstream, Sasquatch, Pickathon and (as an added stretch bonus), Reykjavic’s Iceland Airwaves” festival.Past the hipster handle-bar mustaches, pine and plaid neo-pioneeer aesthetics of Seattle and Portland, All stages takes a look at the nuts and bolts of festival creation. We also give viewers valuable travel tips as well as insider tips on how to maximize both the journey to the festival and your experience once you are inside the gates.

At its heart, the show is a road trip adventure hosted and co–produced by Chris Porter.  With over two decades of experience in the live music industry, Chris has as deep of a network of bookers, promoters and artists as anyone in the business. It’s Chris’s experience, knowledge and contacts that allow the viewer to go behind the scenes and learn a little more about how these events come together. Our goal is to have viewers be inspired to pack up the tent, get out the sunscreen, pack up the car and go on a road trip of their own.  The program is both an inspiration and a travel companion as viewers author their own adventures in finding what is under the lights and on stage at the end of that highway or back road.

We hope you enjoy this taste of “All Stages with Chris Porter”.

See you on the road.


Show Credits:


Chris Porter and Daniel Thornton


Chris Porter


Dan Thornton


David Phillips


Craig Downing
Jason Neuerburg
Zodie Waxman
Dan Thornton

Aerial Photography:

Daniel Bartz
Dan Thornton

Location Sound:

Daniel Bartz

Studio Sound:

Gary Mula


Chris Porter
Dan Thornton
James Allen Smith

Location Manager/Associate Producer:

Zodie Waxman


Massy Ferguson 
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