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Dauntless at Burning Man 2019

Dusty Nation Art Collective presents their next Playa-bound art installation:

Jutting out of the ancient lakebed of the Playa, surrounded by a breaking wave of silk banners, stands a stylized ship’s prow defiantly facing fierce winds.

This is Dauntless–a symbolic vessel embodying the collective and personal manifestation of wisdom through unwavering courage in the face of adversity.

Dauntless is made up of three elements: ship structure, cargo boxes, and silk banners.

Ship: prism-shaped aluminum structure juts at an angle from the playa. It faces into the prevailing wind and creates a protected interior space open to the sky.

Cargo boxes: stacked plywood boxes allow for climbing, views, and seating. Generator, light controller, audio system will be housed inside boxes.

Silk banners: 33 hand-dyed silk banners surround the structure in two gentle parabolas which mimic the shape of a breaking wave.

Lighting: four enclosed, color changing LED floodlights uplight the installation. Subtle LED strip lighting illuminate the interior.

Sound: speakers surrounding the cargo seating play sounds of the ocean.


Three views of Dauntless:

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